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With our innovative slicing APIs, you can create new business models based on 3D printing slicers. 
Don't be limited by the graphical interface and the cumbersomeness of the slicing software. Automate the slicing part and integrate it into your new and innovative business idea.
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Our Products, Services & Tools:


STL Slicer API

Fast cloud slicer API that takes STL files as input, along with other important parameters. It's powered by our own proprietary Slicer Software : REALvision

STL Slicer Realvision API

Workspace Slicer API

Fast cloud slicer API that takes a JSON file we call a Workspace as input, it's powered by our own proprietary Slicer Software: REALvision

Workspace Slicer Realvision API


A complete test environment for online testing. No need to set up a development environment on you computer, just login, choose the API and start testing.

Sandbox Sandbox


A step by step guide for the most common use cases of our APIs, making easier for you to do them easily.

Scenarios Scenarios


A detailed documentation with helpful instructions and thorough tutorials on how to use our APIs. 


Demo Apps

Samples applications/projects in different programming languages to get you started in minutes.


Using our APIs is straightforward  


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Our API ecosystem :

We provide developers, startups and innovators in the 3D Printing community with: 

An innovative Slicing API

A fast Cloud Slicer API, powered by our own proprietary Slicer Software: REALvision. No need to be limited by the graphical interface of a desktop slicer.

Slicing a 3D model is a power and resource intensive task, let us handle that. Call our API from a Desktop application, from a Mobile application or even a Web application and let us worry about the CPU or Memory consumption. 


A complete online test environment

A sandbox where developers can discover our APIs, understand them and test them online without the need of setting up an entire development environment.

The sandbox lets you quickly make and see raw API calls.

Discovering an API is as simple as navigating to our Sandbox, choosing the API, and selecting the endpoint you're interested in. 
You'll see that you can read its reference, discover how to call it in raw format or in a particular programming language or even actually sending requests from the Sandbox.


An exhaustive documentation

If the sandbox wasn't quite enough for you to understand the full extent of what you can do with our APIs, the exhaustive documentation will be. It contains detailed instructions on authentication, security and testing in addition to step by step tutorials.


And Sample Apps

As a bonus, you'll find that we provide Demo applications in several programming languages to get you started on development in no time. Think of them as boiler-plates or sample applications.

Said apps, are also well documented with detailed tutorials in the documentation mentioned above.


#Happy Hacking ! 

You're welcome to contact us on: [email protected] for any questions you might have.
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